Friday, February 5, 2010

Although you are campion's computer, if you do not beware, you can be hit by hack.
Some this tips, can prevent and avoid hit by hack :
1. Watch out for the situs hacker which is many circulating in this time, don't once you step into this situs although only fad wish to just look around.

2. Do not ever step into any situs pass the e-mail link because this is potential can click used for download active-x, except you sure that the link peaceful or to activate the registration.
3. Always wear the browser which have been proven to have the best sekuriti
4. Install the Firewall at your computer
5. Often update your Windows by newest patch, of course with the license of original Windows
6. Your computer is equiped by the antivirus and antispyware.
7. Don'T you have open the invest account or your other account important in public computer.
8. Do not ever download attachment file in your e-mail if you do not know that e-mail of whom
9. Don'T free install program is which you is any download from situs which cannot be trusted.

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